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The Battle of Aughrim


The Battle of Aughrim was the decisive battle of the Williamite War in Ireland. It was fought between the Irish Jacobite army who were loyal to James II and the forces of William III.

It is considered one of Europe's most historic battles involving over 45,000 soldiers.

The battle took place on 12th July 1691 near the village of Aughrim in County Galway, Ireland.

It was the bloodiest battle ever fought on Irish soil with over 7000 men losing their lives.

The Jacobite defeat at Aughrim effectively ended James' campaign in Ireland.


Today you can visit the interpretive centre and follow the trails and information points around the village and local countryside giving you a real insight into this famous battle and its relation to the Battle of The Boyne, the sieges of Athlone and Limerick,

and the Flight of the Wild Geese.

Visit the website HERE.

Aughrim Tours App now available from the App Store.

The Aughrim Tours App takes you on an interactive audio guide of the village and all the

battle sites. 

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